Still, this GPS is extraordinarily capable and, if you need some of its premium features, it might be the sweet spot in the price-to-performance category. You also get a large color TFT display and turn-by-turn routing capability. I also purchased the Topo US software. Many of… December 1, J guest Rating: During the trek the unit was recording my path.

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It can be learned, but only with time, application, trial and error. This can be useful for finding, say, the nearest petrol station or hut or ATM.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Review

Any ideas of where to go from here? The 60CSx is a little bulkier than the other two models. I could never get a satellite connection inside my house or my office, but I could get one with the Garmin unit no problem.

The slot for the microSD data card is under the batteries. In addition the 60CSx display can display only unique colours whereas the Oregon and Colorado can display many more the specs don’t say how many. For use in the car, there is a car kit with a suction windscreen-mount and a special lighter power cable that plugs into the 4-pin port on the unit. This unit beats the Explorist hands down.


Text entry is servicable, if a little cumbersome. If you’re using NiMH batteries, you should take a set of batteries per day if you plan on having the unit on continuously. Not constant use, obviously. I’m confident that if I got lost, I’d have plenty of juice to spare. It also sips from the batteries. But lost it last year while on an Iowa deer hunt. Related questions What is the best map for data collection using the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx [closed] map locks when i go from automotive mode to direct routing Rendering of lakes on Garmin devices Routing via Swanage ferry Is there a bug with Openstreet Map routing??

Highly recommended, especially now that prices are falling since Garmin has come out with newer, fancier models. For heavy use, a stick-on screen protector wouldn’t be a bad idea. I use one 2gb stick for the city navigator and another for the topo mapsource. I recorded a day hike on an Ohio trail that spent much of its length under trees in a canyon whose depth sometimes exceeded feet; it never failed to record my track.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Review –

I love this thing. People who bought this also bought. The cost of Garmin’s exclusive maps should be considered prior to purchase. Your Review Have you used this?


Absaroka 28 reviewer rep.

According to the units display the Explorist would show a lower degree of error by a couple of feet and I never completely lost signal with the Explorist but have dropped to 2d coverage before.

This is probably where the Explorist will be in another year or two. I also purchased the Topo US software. When this is enabled, in the GPS Setup page, ma; data card in the microSD slot appears as a drive letter on your computer. Overall the GPS is a good unit, however Kap practice of locking software to a specific GPS unit will send me to the competitors on my next purchase. AL45 4 reviewer rep.

The data is stored in a GPX format which makes is perfectly compatible with many Navigation apps and devices. I have never dropped below 3d coverage with the Garmin unit. 60sx the menus and typing on the on-screen keyboard is non-trivially difficult.

My old Vista used to lose reception routinely under a thin canopy.