Also the sites mentioned are very handy. This went on for about another 6 months. I gave them all a go but think that Inkcut just edges out LinCutter. Mm, can this be done by someone who loves Linux but is actually not that technical? No it has problems too. This data is usually passed directly from a computer to an HP printer or plotter.

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HPGL simulator software for Linux

This data linu usually passed directly from a computer to an HP printer or plotter. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

Hphl, 49 Comments. However you don’t need to even touch them: Dean 18 November at 2: There are some good resources online on how to convert your plotter.

Let’s talk about your options here. It just so happened that I’d been reading something about converting these units to sticker cutters the day before, so you bet I took it home right lnux.

When plotting the squares, you see that after a certain point the plotter just doesn’t go any faster. You have shared in a very well manner that may make my task easy. PLT files with Inkscape and it will automatically convert them. If I ever get round to those projects, you’ll read about it here.


HPGL simulator

To test all of this, I wrote an AWK program that creates a HPGL script that generates a plot of force against speed by drawing little linhx with varying speed and force. If this went well, the computer and the plotter are now in sync and we can try catting a test file to the serial port. Ever wondered if you could get one of those fancy vinyl cutters and not abandon Linux?

Website design company Abu Dhabi. Windows can pound sand.

Thank you very much. You need SignCut 1. Currently iam looking to find some more softwares and applicatins related to this field. Options for Windows and Mac users OK, so you are an Inkscape user and you are looking for vinyl cutting options on either Windows and Mac.

npgl Another really good resource is the Usenet archivewhich has lots of posts from the ‘s and ‘s from scientists and computer professionals struggling to get their plotters connected. How can konqueror view html files in. That was all good and well until we got very busy and then npgl really started to become a pain to send digital images to a flash drive and then email it from a different computer.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. It also says it supports all models by Kingcut on top of that. SignCut Productivity Proa commercial application for Windows and Mac, has an official Inkscape extension for going to cutting directly from Inkscape.


If you feel adventurous to try it anyway, the code is in a public SVN repository. Glad to see you here: One thing that does interest me is making use of the programmable pen speed and pen force of the A. Ubuntu has always been my preferred operating system. The list of devices that are reported to work has 57 entries so far. I never tried LinCutter. Justin 10 June at 1: They’re on the back and there are three of them:. All the lines are spot on, even when drawn with a very fine pen, and the plotter never seems to lose sync, even after drawing thousands of small boxes.

Another interesting related project could be to turn it into a stencil cutter for graffiti art.