Sofia – Bulgaria e-mail: The main currency is the left one Look at table 6 row 6 1: Page 18 – Table The turnovers of the items and item groups are cleared. The current alphabet selected can be determined by the three symbols which appear on the right upper row: After the fields are modified, in order the clock-calendar to be actualized, it is needed the key “PLC” to be pressed, than a confirmation dialog appears. Log In Sign Up.

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Each row has 1 field which contains up to 42 symbols.

When the PLU-code is entered, the decimal point is ignored and the value entered is assumed as integer one. The number entered for alternative currency should be not less than the amount outstanding, calculated in this currency.

Datecs DP-50 User Manual

Item parameters Page 19 – Example: Remember me on this computer. Accessing the row with number “N”. Annuls any error, caused by function key pressing.

Alpha-numeric LCD, 2 lines x 16 characters. If the price is not entered, the programmed price is used. For this purpose a X or Z mode must be accessed according the written above.

Report of the fiscal memory for period determined by date to date. The key is used for 3 types of payment.

The errors are presented on the display by the error message “C”. The quantity must be given as shown: For this purpose a X or Z mode must be accessed according the written above. The current alphabet selected can be determined by the three symbols which appear on the right upper row: In order to cancel a sale which is not the last made deep voidin an datecx receipt the following keys should be consecutively pressed: From any state dtaecs ECR can be switched off emergency by simultaneously pressing the keys: Each row has 2 fields Each table consist a given number of rows and any row consist fields.


If you are passionate about technology, if the idea of working with customers from all over the world excites you, if you want to be a part of our big family, find out more about Careers at Datecs. If he paid in cash less money than needed – a partial paid is performed. The information of each field can be shown in two modes – field address or field value.

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The pressing of this key will cause adding a percentage surcharge to the STL amount of the last sale or if the key is prior pressed – it adds percentage surcharge to the subtotal.

When fiscalization is made, the 9 – symbol BULSTAT code datrcs the person company should be entered, also when are fiscalized devices of company sections.

This operation can not cp-50d performed, if the sale parameters are not the same as in the sale to be cancelled. Reporting the fiscal memory by using the applications ‘Memory Reader’ and ‘Fiscal Memory Interpreter’ or other with similar functionality ; 8 – Control tests ; 9 – Programming and reporting from PC by using the application “Ecr Tool” or its analog.


The following reports can be made for a fiscal memory blocks: The key pressing causes accumulation into the customer bill and also into the quantity and turnover registers of the item or item group given.

Setting up the alternative currency operations, 1 row, 4 fields;Field No Description Range Note 1 Printing the total in the receipt 0 or 1 0: With this key immediately after an item is accumulated a VOID cancellation of that sale is performed.

All items parameters are printed for the selected number of items. It is not allowed an item dayecs be sold, if the price is zero. Each row consist 11 fields.

Enabled daily Z report is made Default: For row 1 to 4: