It will network where the select needs extra hardware to do anything besides a simple Appletalk network. I bought six and shared them with family members. The down side is that sometimes the spare block is also bad, and needs to have a different spare block assigned. Also, a belated acknowledgement and “thank you” to Henry. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

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I also don’t have the optional paper cassette installed either.

User profile for user: Should I ntrr my power supply then? It is hard, if not impossible, to btr cartridges for the xerox-based Select Some folks complain about the cost of his fix-it kits, but they contain just the right stuff for a handy not-quite-professional printer fixer to get the job done, including a movie on videotape or CD.

AS far as I understand this is only a protection measure to keep the fusing system running without overheating-you should search for anything that may cause that overheating in the fuser system. Also, a belated acknowledgement and “thank you” to Henry. There is a sort of arm that wiggles ok, attached to a tiny spring behind the rollers you mention.

Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR | FixYourOwnPrinter

Oct 10, 6: In the space between the right roller and the gear is this arm I wiggled it, it is attached to a little spring which seems ok. The light on my printer never comes on during the one minute warm up period.


Whenever I try to format the hard drive with the zero all data option I get a message that initialization failed. There are a couple of paper sensors that could be stuck. I was able to turn it back on with the power switch. The drive recovers from bad blocks by substituting spare blocks provided just for this purpose.

This printer moved and rotated four color pens along the horizontal axis, the device moving the paper into order to allow its pens to render along the vertical axis. I offer insight into next lottery winning numbers to anyone who can truly help.

Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR

When it prints a couple of sheets from a multipage doc or from a request for say 5 copies of one page, it prints 2 and waits forever flashing busy green but never seems to make its mind up till I open applf close the lid. The arms block optical sensors, which of course could be blocked by dust. Feb 5, 8: Maybe Appaloosa Man will join this thread and save the day!

You must wait at least 3 minutes to discharge the named Capacitor. It seems happy to print 2 pages but never more without having to open the lid and close it. Please sign in to comment. Whenever I try to close the AppleTalk control panel I get an error message. Someone especially you, Appaloosa Man please help! Posted on Oct 5, 7: That sometimes clears it. When I attempted to enable download unlimited fonts I again got a error message regarding the scanner motor.


If it passes the second time, your drive now has all good blocks again. They produced print quality that was better than the dot matrix ImageWritersand were cheaper than the LaserWriters. Good luck, Jim PS, Turn your printer off when not in use to minimize overheating at the fuser roller.

Often, the spares are nearby the blocks that are defective, so that the head does not have to move too far to get to the spares. If it does, a defect has developed. I got it out, put all back and after printing many pages very black, it cleaned up and works well for single pages. Have tried before to get a clue but no luck?

Should I assume both hard drives are bad?